Below are just a few examples that could be considered a ‘stirring up hatred’ offence under the Hate Crime Bill.

Remember: the threshold is merely “abusive behaviour” that is “likely to stir up hatred” against people on the grounds of age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity and variations in sex characteristics. The maximum penalty is seven years in jail.

You may think the comments are unpleasant but in a free society, they shouldn't be criminal.

  • Discussion About Religion

    An atheist posts on Facebook that he is “fed up with Christians behaving like ISIS and trying to force their views on others.”

    A student stands outside a Mormon Temple with a placard reading “Mormonism is not a religion, it is a dangerous cult”.

    An Imam posts a video online telling people they will go to hell unless they convert to Islam.

  • Gender and sexuality

    A gay rights campaigner argues that trans activists are “denying young lesbians the chance to embrace their sexuality”.

    At the annual Pride March in Glasgow, a Christian holds up a sign saying “Repent and trust in Jesus”.

    A university women’s group holds an event on feminism. A contributor says “trans women aren’t real women”.

  • The Arts

    A director promotes a play in which Catholic priests are portrayed as exploitative hypocrites and their congregations as bigots.

    A well-known feminist author argues that trans campaigners are perpetrating child abuse by supporting the use of chest binders on young girls.

  • Academia

    An academic publishes a paper comparing Islam and other religions. She claims that the Qur’an encourages the oppression of women.

    An ethicist says that old people are “a burden on society” and that there is a “strong economic case” for euthanasia.

  • The Media

    A liberal commentator writes an article saying that organised religion should be banned because it turns people into “hateful lemmings”.

    A conservative commentator writes an article arguing that insisting on preferred pronouns is fascist and calls for “people to stop kowtowing to trans extremists”.